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calcium lumps
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The company


Metimexco was created in 1994 in Paris, France and is specialised in trading metals (minor metals, ferro alloys).

Metimexco sarl trade & supply many different minor metals and alloys but from the date of creation of the company in 1994 Calcium metal was and remains our speciality. Together with our affiliated company “Metap sarl” created in 1998 and specialised in trade & supply of different metals and alloys in the form of powder and granules, we are among most important traders of Calcium metal and Calcium alloys in the world.

Metimexco also developed about 15 years ago a hardware business and offers fasteners, aluminium profiles and all kinds of metal accessories manufactured on request. We have developed a whole range of products for the industry of gate manufacturers and shutters. We also deal with accessories for decking and roofing. We finally developed several plastic items, from injection moulding, based on customers request.


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