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calcium lumps
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Minor metals and alloys

Metimexco sarl trade & supply many different minor metals and alloys but from the date of creation of the company in 1994 Calcium metal was and remains our speciality. Together with our affiliated company “Metap sarl” created in 1998 and specialised in trade & supply of different metals and alloys in the form of powder and granules, we are among most important traders of Calcium metal and Calcium alloys in the world. 

We supply Calcium metal both of Electrolytic and Aluminothermic quality.

We permanently keep on our stocks in Rotterdam Calcium metal in different forms, Calcium-Aluminium alloy lumps of different grades, Magnesium-Calcium alloy ingots. It permits us to propose to our clients who buys relatively small quantity of the material (from one drum to several pallets) prompt delivery ex- stock in Rotterdam or we can deliver these goods in few days to the client warehouse in Europe. In case of bigger orders we deliver the material all over the world by truck/container loads directly from production plants of our long term partners in Russia and China.

To satisfy demand of our clients we supply now many other minor metals such Arsenic, Antimony, Magnesium, Selenium, Titanium sponge and others. 

Recently we started to develop the business with Zirconium and Hafnium metals, Titanium rods, wire and tubes. 

Our principle is to establish a long-term partnership with the customers in order to meet their requirements, reduce their cost and assure a regular supply of the materials they need.